360 Trucking NEMT

An Extended Family

360 Trucking NEMT prides itself on treating our clients with humanity and compassion.

I recently had a knee replacement, couldn’t drive the very long distance to the rehab I wanted to use, so hired 360 Trucking NEMT to transport me 3 times a week for a month. They were GREAT and not only were their drivers courteous and careful, they were always on time. Since my rehab took a few hours, they would leave and come back, but I never had to wait long for a transport to get me back home…very different from trying a cab and having to wait for return at least an hour. This part was critical because you are sore, tired, and want to get home. Also, Demetris is the most customer-oriented person I have met in a long time. He is their dispatch person and always answers the calls quickly, replies back quickly, and has someone lined up under your schedule requirements. Highly recommend this fantastic service for New Orleans and surrounding areas. I had called a few other companies as well in making a decision, but none would do what I needed with distance, ensuring security of their customers and meeting my schedule each and every time. Amazingly, when we got the heavy rains and tropical flooding, Demetris called early that day to see if I wanted to try to get to therapy. I asked not to place a driver in unsafe conditions, but he had a safe transport ready to go, so didn’t even have to miss a session. Cannot say how pleased I was of this full experience, have recommended them to other rehab folks, hospitals and patients and if I ever have this need again, will only use their service
– Wilhimina B, Plaquemines Louisiana

I’m so thankful for 360 Trucking NEMT, they have been a blessing to me in so many ways. I am a 63-year-old veteran that needed to be transported to different faculties four times a week for three months. Very professional, they will call the day before to confirm your schedule pickup. Always on time. My insurance missed up my appointment dates and didn’t have a ride schedule for an urgent doctor visit. It was important that I make this appointment because it took me two months to get an appointment. My insurance company didn’t want to approve the trip because it wasn’t two days in advance although they missed up. Mrs. Ranada made it possible for me to go to my appointment by allowing one of the drivers to bring me free of charge. She told me charge it to my heart. 360 team has a heart of gold. I only request for 360 because they are compassionate and on time.
- Mario Bell chase Louisiana

I am a RN who has referred several of my patients to 360 Trucking NEMT as an option for lack of transportation or when Metro is not available. The patients have arrived on time to all of their scheduled appointments and have nothing but positive feedback. Keep up the awesome work!
– Paula D, Louisiana

My driver, Mr. James arrived early. He pulled up in a beautiful clean vehicle. The outside and inside of the vehicle was immaculate. James was in uniform, I was amazed. I’ve been using Medicaid transportation for two years and this was the first company I’ve seen with uniform. James helped assist me in the vehicle, made sure I had my seatbelt on before he took off. First class service. This is the best company I’ve rode with in the past two years.
- Donna Williams, New Orleans, Louisiana

“I had a very positive experience with 360 trucking nemt during the time when I had to take care of my aunt. Whenever I couldn’t take her to her appointments, 360 would always provide a very nice, clean car, with a very professional driver to take her back and forth. Whenever I had to contract them by phone they were always responsive, and the Demetris was always able to answer my questions with no problems. I like to think of 360 as the ‘Uber’ or ‘Lyft’ for medical reasons; always very fast, friendly, and affordable. Now the only need to get an app made to make their services even more accessible!”
- Jennifer Jackson , Lacombe LA

Excellent company, easy communication, would recommend!
- Helen, Kenner LA

So thankful for the 360 team. They were great and professional. Very attentive to my mothers needs during her current transport from skilled nursing. Would recommend them with your loved ones care.
- Anne , Mandeville LA

We used 360 Trucking to transport my mother from New Orleans to Houston. She had to go get chemo at the Anderson Hospital. My mother was scared because her last transportation driver drove reckless. Mrs. Lisa made my mom feel comfortable. She got us there without a hitch. Lisa was fantastic. The whole staff was very attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful. I want to give a special shout out to Demetris because he worked her butt off to make sure my mother was able to be transported at an affordable rate. He is truly a blessing! I would highly recommend 360 to anyone who needs patient transport.
- J. Hicks New Orleans Louisiana

We have used 360 for nemt numerous times for over a year now. We have had only positive experiences with them. They are reliable, timely, and compassionate. They have helped to make a difficult situation (wheelchair transport) much easier. We are thankful for the girl in the office as well as Demetris for making the calls. – Lauren ,Pearl River, Louisiana

Used 360 to pick me up from a day surgery. I was done almost 2 hours earlier than I had told 360 and was prepared to wait, but they arrived within about 20 minutes of the call from the surgery center. The driver was pleasant, prompt, and professional, and he came inside, signed me out to the surgery center’s satisfaction, and got me home safely. Yes, it’s more expensive than a taxi or an Uber, but the surgery centers won’t allow taxi or Uber pickups. This was totally worth the cost, in my opinion!
– HMG, Houston Laplace Louisiana