360 Trucking NEMT

Our Business Structure

360 Trucking LLC DBA 36 0 Trucking NEMT is a family business that is built on a solid foundation.

Business Structure

360 is the fastest growing modernized Non-Emergency Medical Transportation provider nationwide. 360 delivers reliability which includes, a fleet of present- day vehicles with GPS tracking capabilities. No matter the complexity of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, 360 can professionally assist with availability needs in sedan, wheel chair van, minivan, 12-15 passenger van, ground ambulance, air ambulance, and trained certified professional staff.

360 Story

A proficient, immediate and specific approach to medical transportation. Founded in 2005, 360 swiftly earned a place as the fastest growing medical courier/ logistics in the area of medical transportation. Our perspective, our task, our significance all indicate a singular goal: pledging that a shortfall of medical transportation must never disallow anyone from obtaining the medical care they need, regardless of who they are where they are and no matter the simplicity or complexity of any need.

360 Focus

We believe that with a focus on meeting the needs of our members and implementing strong and sustainable business practices, including a strong employee training program and the ability to offer needs-based solutions, we will be able to continue to provide a much-needed service to our ever-changing communities and existing members globally.

That need is for a more reliable, compassionate, trustworthy, and dependable transportation service. 360 has a contracted with several brokers though Medicaid, RTA, Workers Comp Insurance, Nursing Facility and donate her services to churches, local communities, charities and those who don’t have the money and needs to get to appointments that’s not covered through Medicaid.

Since its inception, 360 Trucking NEMT has formed a reputation, among its clients, for being the most trustworthy transportation company in Southeastern Louisiana. From the beginning, we became more than just a resource, but trusted partners to our clients and surrounding community. We have been committed to service for nearly a decade and will continue to focus our attention on sustaining this valuable solution for those with mobility challenges.